Things to see and do nearby

To see and do

Proximity to many shops will facilitate your stay.

Living at Dijon for more than thirty years we will be happy to make you love our adopted region .

To visit

Lovers of architecture , art and history, you'll be seduced by our Dijon . Visit the main sites and museums :

  • Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy
  • The Cathedral of Saint Benign
  • The Well of Moses
  • The Mansions
  • The Church of Our Lady

And many other remarkable places in our region .....

Not to mention our famous Coast with its great wines and many villages whose wines are internationally appreciated.

To do

Nature lovers , you can browse the aisles of beautiful green spaces of our beautiful city :

  • Lake Kir
  • The garden Darcy
  • The Park Colombiere


And many hiking we practiced.

Motorsports enthusiasts, you can follow the events offered by the close circuit Prenois and Karting .

And why not get high flying over our beautiful region by plane or helicopter flying club Darois offers his flying machines and the best drivers for dreaming up.

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